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Airpod Case Blog

Airpod Case Blog

Halloween AirPods Case

Halloween Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 09-10-2020 5 min read

Halloween and fall are coming up. Protect your Apple charging case from falls, drops and dust with one of our sleek Halloween AirPods Case covers.
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Ocean Themed AirPods Case

Ocean Themed Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 01-10-2020 3 min read

Protect your charging case with one of our Ocean Themed AirPods Cases. This cover made of silicone or hard plastic will protect your Pods from falls and scuffs.
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Dog AirPod Cases

Dog Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 28-09-2020 4 min read

Discover our Dog AirPods Cases selection. Keep your Apple charging case free of scratches and scuffs with our reinforced silicone cases.
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Best Indie Airpod Cases -

Best Indie Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 10-09-2020 4 min read

Are you aware of the new trend? The Indie Girl trend? But what is an Indie Girl? What to buy an Indie Girl? An AirPods Case that fits her style, of course.
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Coolest Airpod Cases -

Coolest Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 07-09-2020 14 min read

Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or even Christmas? And why not offer an AirPods case? But where to buy cool AirPods cases? 
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Craziest Airpod Case

Craziest Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 31-08-2020 3 min read

Looking for a unique and original gift? Why not an AirPods case? What are the craziest AirPods cases? Where to find and buy crazy AirPods cases? 
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Cute AirPod Cases for Girls

Cute Airpod Cases for Girls

by Eliane Sonneville 27-08-2020 6 min read

See here our Cute AirPods Cases for Girls. Aesthetic and Cute, you will find the perfect case cover to protect your charging case from falls and drops.
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