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The 50 Coolest Airpod Cases

The 50 Coolest Airpod Cases

14 min read

Looking for the perfect gift for a birthday or even Christmas? Why not offer an AirPods case? But where to buy cool AirPods cases?

Airpod-case.com is the designer specialized in the design of your AirPods Case. Cool 3D cases that take the shape of your favorite animal or your favorite food, we have in store the stylish AirPods case you are looking for.

In this blog you will discover :

  • Airpod-Case.com.
  • The coolest AirPods Cases for guys and girls.
  • The coolest AirPods Pro Cases.

Cool Airpods Case

Cool Designer AirPods Case

At Airpod-Case.com, we believe that your extra casing more than just a protector, but a way to express your own style. That's why our team of designers have put all their knowledge to offer you the most stylish AirPods cases.

Initially designed to protect, AirPods cases have become, in just a few years, a true fashion accessory. Rather funny, kawaii or sophisticated... There is something for everyone. A cool girl never goes out without heir Apple AirPods Case, and of course she doesn't forget to personalize it with a Trendy case cover. Beware, the AirPods case cover is the hype accessory that will one day dethrone the purse!

Cool Designer AirPods Case

Cool AirPods Case for Guys

There are two ways to be cool. The rebellious way, the outsider way like 6ix9ine. Or there's the cool guy, the always smiling and sociable guy, nice and seductive like the Canadian actor Keanu Reeves. But the best way to be cool is still to be yourself in all circumstances and for that you have to adopt your own style.

At Airpod-Case.com we want to help you express your personality thanks to your AirPods Case. Whatever you are looking for a 3D case in the shape of a dog, a rocket or a poop, you will find what you are looking for in our online store. Let's discover now without further delay our best AirPods Cases designed specially for you.

Unique AirPods Case airpod-case.com

Cool Silicone AirPods Case

Looking for a Cool AirPods Case for your AirPods? In silicone, it's even better! Because it is the best material that absorbs shocks. The impact-resistant case will protect your AirPods charging case from dents, scratches and bumps. Now that we know that, let's take a look at the TOP 10 Cool AirPods Cases.

1- Cool Basketball AirPods Case

Cool Basketball AirPods Case

Protect your AirPod case by honoring your favorite sport. This thick casing basketball will absorb any sort of shocking. Make passes, dribble, shoot with your AirPod case, it will be safe. In addition, the texture of this case allows a sturdier grip and therefore limits daily damages. Easily take your earbuds everywhere with you thanks to the spot to hang a carabiner, a lobster claw claps or a keychain.

2- Yin Yang AirPods Case

Yin Yang AirPods Case

This AirPod case cover is the perfect balance between cool attitude and ultimate protection. The premium silicone case will protect your Apple gadget from scratching and breaking. Your pair of AirPods won't leave you anymore thanks to the metal carabiner clip to hang on your belt, bag or jeans.  

3- Motorcycle AirPods Case

Motorcycle AirPods Case

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? Express your pation with our AirPods case cover! The super cool touch of this case? A dust plug that takes the shape of a motorcycle wheel. This flap will cover the charging port protecting it from dust, dirt and mold. This case features a hook where you can attach a carabiner, a lanyard or a key ring, it's up to you.

4- Shotgun AirPods Case

Shotgun AirPods Case

This AirPods case is so realistic that you would think that this silicone case is actually a weapon. and probably even the people next to you, no way to get it stolen! Jokes aside, this solid case made of thick silicone will withstand all types of falls. Hidden at the back of the case a carefully cut hole gives easy access to the recharging port, no need to remove this case to power up your earbuds. 

5- Poop AirPods Case

Poop AirPods Case

 Here is one of our funniest protective cases, a case in the shape of an emoji poop ... Surprise your friends with this dust and drop proof case that will protect your charging case from scratches, scuffs and dust.

6- Alien AirPods Case

Alien AirPods Case

Do aliens exist? Do they live among us? Are there aliens in Area 51? No one knows but what we do know is that this case is really cool because it glows in the dark! This already very original case will be grey in normal times and will turn bright green in the dark. This luminescent feature of this case will allow you to find your AirPods in the dark, wherever they are. Besides, this case comes with a carabiner, it is really impossible to lose your case. 

7- Rocket AirPods Case

Rocket AirPods Case

Keep your Apple Wireless Earphones safe with this Rocket AirPod case. You might even throw them out into space your AirPods will always come out unscathed, almost in mint condition. Soon, you won't be able to go out without this rugged case. This case feature a smaller silicone rocket loop charm that allows you to easily carry your case whatever you go. The opening at the bottom of the case allows you to easily juice up your wireless earphones. 

8- Soccer Ball AirPods Case

Soccer Ball Airpods Case

Soccer is the most practiced and watched sport in the world. You also love soccer? You will love this 3D case cover. It's so easy to lose your AirPod case when you put it in your jacket or pants pocket. And it's even easier to damage the case at the bottom of your bag... To make sure that no more keys scratch the charging case and no more dust gets into it, use this super resistant protection. Keep your AirPods safe and clean with Aipod-Case.com.

9- Camera AirPods Case

Camera AirPods Case

A cool guy is also an artistic guy who plays guitar and sings for the ladies. But the coolest artistic thing is still taking pictures. Is photography your thing? Then, this silicone camera was designed especially for you. This cool and sturdy 3D case for AirPods will fit snugly into your charging case for a better grip. Its shock-absorbing properties will protect your AirPods from daily shocks. 

10- Thug Life AirPods Case

Thug Life AirPods Case

Baddies like bad boys... Want to surprise one? This AirPod case will do the job. Whether it's a first or second generation AirPods, it doesn't matter, this durable case will fit perfectly to your charging case for full protection in all circumstances. This protective casing will come with a carabiner hook so you can take it with you wherever you go and listen to your music with complete peace of mind. 

Cool Cute AirPods Case

Choose your AirPods protection in the official store of AirPods protections, Airpod-Case.com.

1- Cool AirPods Case clear

Cool Clear AirPods Case

The trendiest work of art? It is probably the great wave of Kanagawa. If you like this Japanese artwork, this clear case is for you. Choose this drop-resistant transparent case to add an aesthetic touch to your Apple charging case. The exterior hard plastic and inner lining will protect your wireless earphones from bumps, drops and dust. This clear case also features a cut-out on the bottom for easy charging of your AirPods. 

2- Cool Funny AirPods Case

Mask AirPods Case

The best way to protect yourself against the virus is to wear a suitable mask. Protect yourself and don't forget to protect your AirPods Case from scratches and falls with our original case. This funny reinforced silicon case will slide directly onto your Apple Charging Case, no need to remove it for charging; a hole has been designed for simple and easy charging of your AirPods. 

3- Tiger AirPods Case

Tiger AirPods Case

Slide your charging case into this beautiful hard case for optimal 360° protection. The case is as solid as the animal it represents, don't worry, it will protect your Apple earphones from all the daily harms and damages. This pretty cool case has a carabiner hook that allows you to snap your best case onto your bag or wherever you want. 

4- Onigiri AirPods Case

Onigiri AirPods Case

What is the most popular and chic food? Sushi of course! So we decided to design an AirPod case in the shape of a small sushi. Don't be fooled by its adorable look, it will perfectly protect your precious AirPods from everyday hazards such as falls, dust and outdoor pollution. 

5- Eggplant AirPods Case

Eggplant AirPods Case

We presented you earlier our AirPods case in the shape of a poop emoji. The poop is a very used emoji and the eggplant emoji is not far from competing with it. If you like fruits and vegetables you will love this case cover! Made of high quality silicone, this case will absorb all shocks. This protective case will keep your AirPods charging case scratch and scuff free thanks to this tasty-looking "Eggplant AirPods Case". 

6- Bulldog AirPods Case

Bulldog AirPods Case

This additional case will perfectly fit the shape of your charging case to give it optimal protection at all times. Designed to withstand shock pressure, this shock-absorbent silicone case will seduce you with its cartoon dog look. A hook is also available on the side of the case to hang a charm keychain, lanyard or a loop charm to easily carry your music with you. 

7- Bear AirPods case

Bear AirPods Case

This wild bear will know how to take out its fangs and claws to fervently protect your wireless earphones. This shockproof cover made of high quality silicone will fit perfectly to the shape of your charging case. In addition, a cutout allows easy and optimal access to the charging port of your AirPods case. 

8- Shark AirPods Case

Shark AirPods Case

Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo. Do you have it in mind? You are welcome! This case is as powerful as this music is. This protective cover will protect your charging case against all types of damages like falls and scratches. 

9- Corgi Butt AirPods Case

Corgi Butt AirPods Case

Add a bit of fun with this Corgi AirPod case. This ultra shockproof case will perfectly fit and protect your Apple charging case against falling from several feet. Your wireless headphones will finally be in safety. .

10- Pop Corn AirPods Case

Pop Corn AirPods Case

With this rubber cover you'll feel like you're at the movies all the time. This popcorn-like shell is as beautiful to look at as it is resistant to all falls and shocks. This case comes with a matching charm. This charm has a finger-sized hole in the center for a more secure grip. 

Cool Girl AirPods Case

What does it mean to be a cool girl? We're going to put all the unnecessary rules in the closet right away. The only rule to follow is simply to be yourself whatever the circumstances and to love yourself as you are without moderation. This is the secret of happiness and a cool girl.

To embrace the cool girl that you are, we've selected a series of AirPods cases that will fit your style perfectly. Let's check it out right now!

Cool girl AirPods Case

Cool Silicone AirPods Case

Why choose silicone to protect your AirPods? Simply because silicone is the safest material to protect your iPhone, iPad and your precious AirPods. Indeed, the texture of silicone absorbs shocks. Therefore, silicone is the perfect ally to protect your Apple pods. Don't hesitate any more and adopt silicone to protect your AirPods! Discover now the coolest silicone cases cover!

1- Cool Funny AirPods Case

Burger AirPods Case

You are a super cool and independent girl. You eat what you want when you want and screw this society. Your rebellious attitude will fits this case perfectly! The silicone surface texture provides an excellent grip, and the charm sold with it, allows an even more secure hold of your charging case. It will then be almost impossible to drop or damage your precious AirPods. 

2- Grenade AirPods Case

Grenade AirPods Case

Anyone ever tell you you're a bomb girl? This bomb is made for you. Thanks to this protective case, your Apple charging case will now be able to withstand drops, scratches, humidity and bad weather.  

3-Unicorn AirPods Case

Unicorn AirPods Case

What would a girl be without her unicorn? Nothing at all! This unicorn case is as sleek as it is durable. Your charging case will never again be helplessly subjected to the devastating consequences of falling several feet. For a more comfortable and solid grip, this case comes with a unicorn ring holder. For this product, you will have the choice between two colors: pink or white, the choice is yours. 

4- Gun AirPods Case

Gun AirPods Case

Beautiful, mysterious and dangerous this case is the weapon made for you. Surprise your friends and family with this case that looks like a real firearm. As solid as it looks, it will withstand any shock for the sake of your AirPods.

5- Lips AirPods Case

Lips AirPods Case

Pulpy and red, lips are the ultimate weapon of feminine seduction.  Don't wait any longer and protect your AirPods from scraps, dust and mildew with this formidable weapon.This kiss case comes with a smaller kiss in the form of a ring holder for a 100% safe grip. 

6- Guitar AirPods Case

Guitar AirPods Case

A cool girl is also an artistic girl. This guitar-shaped cover case will be perfect to protect your earbuds. Listen to your favorite tunes over and over again without worrying about the safety of your charging case. It will be safely encased in its cover. 

7- Retro Radio AirPods Case

Retro Radio AirPods Case

This anti-slip coating will protect your AirPods from being damaged by falls, dust and humidity. A hole has been carefully cut in this tough shell to make it easy for you to recharge your wireless earphones.

8- Rainbow AirPods Case

Rainbow AirPods Case

Compatible with AirPods cases 1 and 2, this rainbow-shaped case will reduce the impact of shocks due to falls. Don't ever accidentally drop your Apple case again thanks to the ring holder sold with this case. You can also add a carabiner or lobster clasp to take it with you by clipping it on your bag or in the loops of your jeans.

9- Polaroid AirPods Case

Polaroid AirPods Case

Do you like taking pictures and vintage looks? This protective silicone case is made for you. Thanks to its ultra-thick silicone your charging case will never suffer from the falls of your everyday life again. Your charging case will no longer be vulnerable to scratches and scuffs.

10- Easter Island AirPods Case

Easter Island AirPods Case

You just bought your AirPods and you want to keep them almost brand new? It's simple, just like any other everyday technology you have to protect it. Adopt a silicone case to protect your AirPods from falls and scratches as well as from humidity and dirt. 

Cool Cute AirPods Case

The perfect case of cool AirPods to add to the wish list!

1- Cool AirPods Case Clear

Cool Clear AirPods Case

A masterpiece that represents the works of Leonardo da Vinci, Munch, Van Gogh, and Vermeer? It is now possible thanks to our aesthetic and clear AirPods Case. If you can't stand the slippery texture of your charging case that scratches so easily then this cover is perfect for you. 

2- Mini Backpack AirPods Case

Mini Backpack AirPods Case

AirPods cases are a true fashion accessory that competes with handbags. So why not choose a backpack-like protection? The sturdy bumper frames of this AirPods case will protect your charging case while adding an aesthetic touch to your outfit with the necklace holder. 

3- Donuts AirPods Case

Donuts AirPods Case

Who can resist this little round and succulent pastry? No one! Then succumb to this sweetness to coat your AirPods.Specially designed to reduce the impact of falls, this case for AirPods will protect your AirPods from crashes. Sold with a snap hook you can take your case everywhere with you by fastening it on the loop of your pants.

4- Cheese AirPods Case

Cheese AirPods Case

Keep your precious Apple charging case looking clean with our original cheesy case. Of course our case is much stronger than a piece of Swiss cheese, thanks to its silicone material the case will prevent your wireless earphones from being scratched

5- French Bulldog AirPods Case

French Bullddog AirPods Case

Resistant to falls and drops, this Bulldog AirPods Case will not deviate from its purpose. It will relentlessly protect your headphones from outside aggressions such as drops, dust and outdoor pollution.

6- Sushi AirPods Case

Sushi AirPods Case

Do you like Japanese style ? You'll love our cool and cute sushi AirPods Case cover! Second-gen or first-gen? It doesn't matter, this reinforced silicone case will fit perfectly to the shape of your charging case for 360° protection. 

7- Handbag AirPods Case


Hanging this case in your handbag would find a place of choice. For this fall-proof protection cover, you can choose between orange and black. Don't hesitate to buy two of them! Because yes, on Airpod-Case.com, buy 2 and get one FREE! The hardest part will be to choose the third one. 

8- Octopus AirPods Case

Octopus AirPods Case

Did you notice? The top of the octopus's head that makes up the lid is a separate piece from the rest of the protection, so the rubber will not break over time. Like the majority of our 3D AirPods Case.

9- Chick AirPods Case

Chick AirPods Case

Chick yeah... We wanted to make some rough pun... But anyway this case is so cute. As cute as it is protective, this egg-shaped silicone case will safeguard your charging case from all the day-to-day risks.

10- Flamingo AirPods Case

Flamingo AirPods Case

Airpod-Case.com is pleased to present one of the best known cases on its online store, the flamingo case. Its original shape will not leave your case unnoticed and will therefore be easier to find in your bag. 

Cool AirPods Pro Case

Besides the design, the first thing you notice with AirPods Pro is the sound quality. They have much more bass, which is largely due to their earbuds design. The AirPods Pro therefore have an absolutely exceptional sound quality.

There is no doubt that the AirPods Pro are excellent. But this tech devices still costs $249. And at that price, you can take care of your earbuds. To avoid damaging them, we recommend you a silicone case to protect them from being dropped and scratched. An AirPods Pro case is fine, but a case that expresses your style is even better! It's the reason why we have selected for you the coolest AirPods Pro cases.

Apple AirPods Pro

Cool AirPods Pro cases for guys and girls

Boy, girl, neither or both? Who cares ? You're going to love our selection of the coolest AirPods Pro cases ever made.

1- Corgi AirPods Pro Case

Corgi AirPods Pro Case

This case compatible with the third generation of AirPods will protect your charging case from drops, scratches and grime. You will love the little paws of this dog that will give a super kawaii look to your AirPods charging case.

2- Unicorn AirPods Pro Case

Unicorn AirPods Pro Case

You get a phone cover and even a screen protector for your phone, your AirPods deserve the same level of attention. Give them the ultimate protection against falls and dust with this cover. Carry this unicorn-shaped AirPod case wherever you go with the carabiners that come with it.

3- Monkey AirPods Pro Case

Monkey AirPods Pro Case

You will love this super original case and its sausage mouth. Surprise and make all your friends laugh with this funny case! This monkey case is the perfect silicone drop protection to protect your Apple charging case from everyday damage. You like everything neat and clean, don't worry, this hard silicone case will never leave a fingerprint

4- Fluffy AirPods Pro Case

Fluffy AirPods Pro Case

This case is far too adorable that we want to cuddle it. And who would believe your wireless headphones are in there? No one, it looks way too much like a stuffed toy. Fluffy and soft on the outside and rigid on the inside, this cover is the perfect protector to cuddle.   

5- Killer Shark AirPods Pro Case

Killer Shark AirPods Pro Case

Your earbuds will be perfectly safe in this case that takes the shape of a dangerous shark. Protect your charging case with this hard-shell made of silicone to prevent your precious AirPods case from being damaged by daily drops.You can be sure that this textured fall-proof case will seduce you with its sleek and original look. 

6- Toast AirPods Pro Case

Toast AirPods Pro Case

 Small arms and legs, this little brioche looks as delicious as it is cute. I don't know about you, but I have the impression that we have the perfect case in front of us. Compatible with the third generation of AirPods cases, this case will absorb all shocks and keep your charging case free from scratches and humidity. 

7- Banana AirPods Pro Case

Banana AirPods Pro Case

Everybody knows the famous banana from the Mario Kart game that makes any player slide over it. Here the banana won't make you fall but its shock-absorbing silicone protection will keep your earbuds safe from dumps and drops. A precise opening has been made in the bottom of the sturdy case to allow the charger to access to the charging port. 

8- Dinosaur AirPods Pro Case

Dinosaur AirPods Pro Case

A dinosaur has never been so cute. Adopt this little silicone dinosaur to act as a protector for your Apple earbuds. The silicone protection is perfectly fall-proof and will not leave any fingerprints. Keep your AirPods clean and safe with this silicone cover. 

9- Schnauzer AirPods Pro Case

Schnauzer AirPods Pro Case

This little dog will add a cute touch to your charging box while protecting it from crashes such as drops and scuffs. Always keep the case of your AirPods with you by clipping it to your belt, bag or pants loop with the hook sold with this case. 

10- Penguin AirPods Pro Case

Penguin AirPods Case

A penguin with a donut? Enough to melt your little hearts. This silicone casing will perfectly match the shape of your AirPods Pro charging case for an optimal 360° protection. Don't hesitate and protect your charging case with this tough case. Snap on your AirPods Pro case wherever you want with the included carburetor. 

Cool AirPods Case at Airpod-Case.com

That's it, our selection of our coolest AirPods Case is done. You get it Airpod-Case.com is the ultimate reference for the protection of your bluetooth earphones. Don't wait any longer and get one of our coolest cases.


Cool AirPods Case
Looking for a leather case, ultra-thin case or even glitter case compatible with wireless charging ? Come and discover our aesthetic airpods case collection. You will find cases with two cutouts, one to leave the front LED charging light visible and the other to leave free access to the charging port.

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