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Dog Airpod Cases

Dog Airpod Cases

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Do you love dogs and own AirPods? Discover our Best Dog AirPods Cases without further delay! 

Airpod-Case.com is the online store specialized in the design of your protective AirPods Case. Apple wireless earphones are a real technological beauty but their cost is quite high. So, it would be a shame to drop your charging case and scratch it.... Don't let this happen and add a protective layer to keep them safe from daily shocks. An extra casing is fine, but a stylish case that fits you, it's even better. That's why in this article we've selected the top 14 cases that represent one of your favorite breeds.

Let's now discover these cute case covers taking the shape of small doggies. 


TOP 10 Dog AirPods Cases 

Here is the best Dog AirPods Cases compatible with generation 1 and generation 2.

1 - Bulldog AirPods Case

Bulldog AirPods Case

This thick silicone casing its just perfect. This premium quality case will continuously protect your Apple charging case against falls, scratches and moisture. Carry this sturdy case everywhere with you thanks to the spot where you can hook a carabiner to hang it wherever you want.

2 - Schnauzer AirPods Case

Schnauzer AirPods Case

This sturdy and sleek case will be the perfect partner for your AirPods. Made of reinforced silicone, this extra layer of protection will keep your wireless earphones safe, and keep your charging cases looking like brand new.  

3 - Shiba Inu AirPods Case

Shiba Inu AirPods Case

This shockproof silicone case will protect your Apple AirPods from falling, dust and humidity. Carefully cut out on the bottom, this case allows easy access to your charging port to easily juice up your AirPods. 

4 - Puppy AirPods Case

Puppy AirPods Case

Thanks to the carabiner, you will take your AirPods everywhere with you by hanging it on your belt, your bag or the loops of your pants. Its non-slip texture will give you a sturdier grip on your case, and thus limit falls in everyday life. 

5 - Teddy Dog AirPods Case

Teddy Dog AirPods Case

Soft on the outside and super protective on the inside this case is the perfect plush to protect your charging case. Hang this case with a carabiner on your backpack without fear of being stolen. No one will suspect that your AirPods case is hidden in this plush toy. In addition, a hole has been carefully made to allow you to power up your case without having to remove the protective shell

6 - Poodle AirPods Case

Poodle AirPods Case

Never damage your Apple case again by protecting it with this protective casing made of soft silicone. This case will absorb the falls of everyday life to keep your AirPods safe all day long. Have a better grip thanks to the carrying ring supplied with this case to avoid falls. 

7 - Husky AirPods Case 

Husky AirPods Case

Keep your Apple Charging Case bumps and scratches free with this impact-resistant case. The spot on the side will allow you to snap on a lanyard, a key ring or even a lobster claw claps to easily carry your case wherever you go. 

8 - French Bulldog AirPods Case

French Bulldog AirPods Case

Choose this stylish case as the ultimate drop protection for your AirPods. The high-quality silicone will keep the charging case scratched and dust free. In addition, there is a slot at the bottom of the case to give access to the charging port.

9 - Bull Terrier AirPods Case

Bull Terrier AirPods Case

Airpod-Case.com has found the perfect protector for your AirPods. This sturdy case will keep your wireless earphones safe from drops, falls, and scratches. Take your music everywhere with you thanks to the carabiner keychain sold with this case.

10 - Corgi Butt AirPods Case

Corgi Butt AirPods Case

This 3D case is as cute as it is protective! It will absorb all the shocks to keep your charging case safe over time. The detachable carabiner will allow you to snap your case anywhere you want so you never go out without your music again. 

TOP 4 Dog AirPods Pro Cases

We have just discovered the best protections for the first and second generation AirPods cases. Don't worry, we also have protective cases for third generation AirPods.

1 - Schnauzer AirPods Pro Case

Schnauzer AirPods Pro Case

This Apple AirPods Pro compatible case is as robust and elegant as the case compatible with 1 & 2 AirPods. Designed in a durable and impact-proof silicone this casing will prevent your Apple earphones from being dropped or scratched.

2 - Bulldog AirPods Pro Case 

Bulldog AirPods Pro Case

This AirPods case has been so successful that we have decided to make the Pro version available.  Strong and resistant, this protective AirPods case will keep your charging case safe and secure from everyday dangers. 

3 - Fluffy AirPods Pro Case

Fluffy AirPods Pro Case

We are proud to present this case as soft as it is protective. This absolutely adorable plush toy will protect your earphones from accidental drops, dust and moisture.  

4 - Corgi AirPods Pro Case

Corgi AirPods Pro Case

Here is our latest protective shell for AirPods Pro. You will be charmed by the cute little paws on this reinforced silicone case. It won't fall back on its paws every time you drop it but its shock absorption properties will protect your earphones from life's impacts.  

The best protections are on Airpod-Case.com

It seems that you protect your Apple iPhone and iPad with a protective shell. So why wouldn't your AirPods charging case receive the same level of care? Although very durable, Apple cases scratch very quickly and the slippery texture of their cases don't help. Fortunately, Airpod-Case.com is here to help you protect your wonderful gadgets! Our shock and scratch resistant cases are also designed to fit your outfits. Don't wait any longer and wrap your Apple case with the best possible protection that suits your personality!

Looking for a case that's a little more discreet and aesthetic? No problem, we have cases for all tastes, clear case or leather case, you will find your happiness at Airpod-Case.com.

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