VSCO Girl Shop Airpods

VSCO Girl Shop Airpods

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What presents to buy for a VSCO girl? Where can I buy accessories for VSCO Girl? Which AirPods case is VSCO? Where to buy VSCO AirPods cases?

Airpod-Case.com is THE website specialized in the design of your AirPods case. We are on the lookout for the latest trends and the aesthetic style of the VSCO girl is our specialty!

In this article, you will discover:

  • What is a VSCO girl mean on TikTok?
  • What all do you need to be a VSCO girl?
  • TOP 10 VSCO Girl AirPods Cases

What is a VSCO girl mean on TikTok?

The VSCO Girl is a big trend on TikTok. The videos generally follow the same pattern. A person appears in an ultra goth and dark look. Then the transformation takes place and her outfit is colorful, with soft and pastel tones... And all with a lovely smile!

It's all great but, what exactly is a VSCO girl? After the E-Girls and the Tumblr Girls, it's the VSCO Girls' turn. The name of this trend comes directly from the VSCO app.This is a photo editor generally used to enhance photos of sunny landscapes such as beaches or mountains. The VSCO Girl therefore has an Instagram feed that reflects a certain aesthetic. Their photos are colorful, simple, and nature and the outdoors have a special place.

vsco girl sunflower

What all do you need to be a VSCO girl?

To be a VSCO Girl nothing could be easier, she likes simplicity. The VSCO girl wears retro or vintage t-shirts such as tie dye t-shirts and much too big for her. She matches her XXL top with mini jean shorts. Because the VSCO is simple she wears very little makeup and prefers a messy bun or let her hair in the wind like a surfer or skateboarder. For easy hairstyling she always carries a bunch of scrunchies on her wrists. In addition, all VSCO girls have shell necklaces and Aesthetic AirPods Cases.

The VSCO girl wants to be Eco-responsible, she never goes out without her reusable water bottle and washable straw. This trend is made for nature lovers. In fact, the VSCO girl seizes the slightest opportunity to take pictures of landscapes for her Instagram account. 



VSCO Girl shop AirPods

The perfect gift for a VSCO girl? An AirPods case that matches her style! Whether it's for Christmas or for her birthday the VSCO girl will be delighted! But where to buy those aesthetic cases that VSCO grill likes so much? And what does an AirPods case for VSCO girl look like? Don't panic Airpod-Case.com is there for you! 

Airpod-Case.com the reference for VSCO Girl

Airpod-Case.com is the trendiest online store. All our professional designers follow with great care the trends that come from the Internet. We can therefore offer you a wide range of AirPods cases for our favorite VSCO Girls. In marble, in liquid or even in the effigy of a masterpiece, we have captured the essence of the VSCO girl in our AirPods cases.

Now you know that our AirPods cases are ultra-trendy. So don't wait any longer and protect your AirPods on Airpod-case.com. Our technology will protect your AirPods from drops, scratches and dust. Indeed, our high-quality cases surpass standard military drop tests!


TOP 10 of our Cute VSCO AirPods case

Discover now without further delay our selection: The top 10 AirPods cases for VSCO girl

1- Pink and Blue Marble AirPods Case

Pink and Blue Marble AirPods Case

Do you like the style of this YouTuber and influencer Emma Chamberlain? Although she rarely wears scrunchies on her wrists, she is the perfect incarnation of the VSCO Girl. She always adopts a very aesthetic look that her Instagram community really loves. The VSCO Girl loves aesthetics, which is why we are offering you today in our TOP1 a Pink and Blue Marble AirPods Case that is sure to please all the VSCO Girls on this earth. 

2- Monet AirPods Case

Monet Airpods case

As we have seen, the VSCO girl likes aesthetics. And there is nothing more aesthetic than art. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see these young girls wearing an XXL t-shirt bearing the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo. That's why we offer you in our TOP2 a Monet AirPods Case to protect the AirPods of the VSCO girls.

3- Polaroid Camera AirPods Case

Polaroid Camera AirPods case

Like Sydney Serena, the VSCO girls love to take pictures of themselves in a sunflower field. But what she prefers the most are vintage photos taken by a Polaroid. The Polaroid is really an essential accessory for a VSCO girl. That's why we offer you the perfect 3D AirPods Case for the VSCO girl.

4- Liquid AirPods Case

Liquid Airpod Case

All VSCO girls like glitter, but especially in small doses. That's why we offer in our TOP 4 a Liquid Violet Glitter AirPods Case.  They will certainly find their happiness in our collection of Aesthetic AirPods Cases.

5- Perfume AirPods Case

Parfum Airpod case

Coco Chanel or Dior perfume bottles have always been very aesthetic. So, we've brought together all the sophistication of these brands in an absolutely glamorous Perfume AirPods Case. VSCO's girls will love the touch of red sequins and the little golden chain to wear the AirPods case like a necklace.

6- Holographic AirPods Case

Holographic AirPods Case

The retro futuristic fashion that all the VSCO girls love? The Holographic, of course! The rainbow reflections of this case will please all the VSCO girls. The perfect little touch : the little shell on the keychain. The perfect gift for a VSCO girl.

7- Tie Dye AirPods Case

Tie Dye Airpod Case

The tie dye usually associated with the 70s is now making a comeback with the VSCO girls. For proof the magnificent model Hailey Bieber wears it from head to toe with her cocooning Tie Dye pants and sweater-shirt. Indeed, it seems that Hailey Bieber would be at the origin of the VSCO girl trend. Whether it is true or not many VSCO girls admire this wonderful young woman. So don't wait any longer and adopt a tie dye look with this AirPods case!

8- Marble and Gold AirPods Case

Marble and Gold airpod case

We now present our TOP 8 AirPods cases for the VSCO girl. The most aesthetic material is marble. The VSCO girl will particularly like the golden touches of these AirPods cases. For other marble effect cases please visit our Marble AirPods Case collection.

9- Minimalist AirPods Case

Minimalist airpod case

As we saw above in TOP 2 VSCO girls love art. They like renaissance paintings and impressionist works, but they appreciate the modern minimalist style even more. This Minimalist AirPods Case is therefore the perfect and original gift to give to a VSCO girl.

10- Camera AirPods Case

Camera airpod case

It is said that VSCO girls often wear tube tops and always have scrunchies on their wrists and a hydro flask in their hand. This is true most of the time, but they especially like to take pictures like the young VSCO girl, Hannah Meloche. That's why we have created a 3D AirPods case for all the VSCO girls that takes the shape of a camera.

The online shop for VSCO girls.

As we have just seen, there are many cases of AirPods for the VSCO girls. Most physical stores are not specialized and therefore do not offer products that correspond to the VSCO girl trend. It is therefore very difficult for a VSCO girl to find the case that corresponds to her style in a physical store.

Airpod-Case.com is there for you! We are specialized in AirPods cases, so we offer a wide choice of cases for the VSCO girl in our aesthetic collection. Come and discover our beautiful cases, we have what you are looking for.


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