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The art, the most beautiful of all the covers for your AirPods case.

Looking for a real masterpiece to protect your AirPods case? You've come to the right place! Minimalist, expressionist or even cubism you will find the painting you are looking for. Monet, Van Gogh or Leonardo da Vinci, no problem, all the paintings for AirPods 1 & 2 Case are here! Don't wait any longer and combine aesthetic style and culture.

Painting AirPods Case Art

Fan of art history? We're falling for it too! We have selected for you the most beautiful canvas in the world to make a perfect Painting AirPods Case. You will find all styles and the most famous paintings in this art collection.

  • Renaissance: This artistic movement, which is a must in the history of art, was born in Italy in the 19th and 15th century. Italian painters and sculptors brought the legacy of Greek and Roman antiquity to the forefront. This is why this period is called "renaissance". We have selected for you two great works of art from this period.  Leonardo da Vinci's enigmatic portrait of Mona Lisa and Michelangelo's creation of Adam. 
  • Impressionism: Emblematic artistic movement of the 19th century known thanks to the Salon des Refusés. How not to deal with impressionism without mentioning Monet? We have therefore selected for you a work of art by Monet to make an amazing AirPods case. 
  • The unclassifiable Vincent van Gogh: Cursed and misunderstood artist, sensitive and tortured spirit, Vincent van Gogh is a true legend of the artistic world. He belongs to the post-impressionist movement, just like his friend Paul Gauguin. With his lively palette and his exalted touch, he also appears as a precursor of Fauvism and Expressionism while approaching symbolism through his mystical conception of art. We have selected a number of AirPods representing Van Gogh's works, notably the Starry Night, as well as his self-portrait. 
  • The Great Wave of Kanagawa painting by Hokusai: Very popular today it is present everywhere. So, we decided to represent this magnificent Japanese work thanks to an AirPods case. 
  • The modern art: We have not forgotten the modern art, we have even represented the vaporwave movement for our AirPods case. Born in the years 2010, this artistic genre is essentially musical. A current inspired by retro culture, technology and advertising, with a deep nostalgia for the 1980/90s. A true parody of our consumerist society and pop culture, a dystopian critique of capitalism.

Drawing AirPods Case Art

You love art more than anything in the world. You love wandering around art galleries and museums, and your deepest dream is to one day visit Paris and discover all the works of art in the Louvre. As a true art lover you must certainly give your pencil stroke on a blank sheet of paper from time to time. We have created a collection made for you. Come and discover our Drawing AirPods Case collection without further delay. 

Marble AirPods Case

For a 100 aesthetic look come and discover our Marble AirPods Case collection. These AirPods cases will give the illusion that your AirPods case is a real antique sculpture.  

Leather AirPods Case

You are not looking for a piece of art displayed in a museum of art to embellish your AirPods Case, but rather a sober and aesthetic cover? I invite you to discover our Leather AirPods Casecollection. Protection Status