AirPods Case Cover

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AirPods are wonderful and innovative, but the texture of the Apple charging case is far too slippery. You must therefore protect it. Don't panic is here to provide you with The Best AirPods Case Covers compatible with generation 1 and generation 2. 

Rugged Cases for your AirPods charging case.

You will find in this selection of covers, protective 3D silicone or plush covers to protect your Apple charging case from falls and shocks. You will also find solid and durable aesthetic AirPods coverscompatible with wireless charging, to limit the appearance of scratches on your white case's surface.

Themed AirPods case covers.

Looking for a specific case? Come and take a look at our themed AirPods case covers. Boba, dog or cat you will find what you are looking for! Made of thick and durable material, these sturdy cases will withstand all everyday impacts. In addition, this extra protective layer will prevent your charging case from being scratched or scuffed.