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Our Animal AirPods Pro Cases

At, the number 1 seller in the world, animals represent one of the main collections of AirPods cases. Present in the AirPods generation 1&2 and in the 3D AirPods Pro, the AirPods case animals are distinguished by 3 categories: Farm animals 👩‍🌾 with cows, pigs and chickens. Then we have the wild animals 🏜 with the elephant, the turtle, the monkey and the bear. Finally, we have domestic animals 😸 with the dog, rabbit, cat and hamster.  

In fact, at you will find all the AirPods Pro cases of animals that exist on earth, from marine mammals like platypus or whales to farm animals like pigs and cows. 

Kawaii AirPods Pro Cases 

➡️ There are also super cute animals called kawaii animals. The term kawaii is used to define something or someone cute, innocent and pure. Behind this word there are also connotations of shyness, vulnerability and tenderness. offers you THE KAWAII AIRPODS PRO CASES available only on 👀

🙌 The first case we recommend is the Unicorn 🦄. This creature is endowed with incredible magical powers including immortality. Our case will protect your AirPods Pro in an integral way. Indeed, the thickness of our cases guarantees your Apple case a 360° protection against all possible shocks and impacts. 

Then the Corgi case, our favorite AirPods Pro case in this year 2020 🥇. We are so proud of this breed of dog that we put it forward with all our heart. We let you discover this adorable Japanese fur ball in our collection of Animal AirPods Pro Cases.


Fluffy AirPods Pro Cases

Fluffy cases are one of our favorites here in our Apple AirPods case store. You want to cover your priceless AirPods Pro with a case that you can cuddle in the morning and in the evening? Stimulate your senses while bringing a touch of originality and softness to your interior decoration with one or even several of our plush bear or dog-shaped cases.

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Puppy AirPods Pro Cases

Baby Animals are waiting for you, especially Puppy dogs. Don't leave them alone unprotected 😿, as they will keep you company at any time of the day or night. Easily transportable and playful your AirPods will be protected from all dangers like shocks, water and dust. 

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