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Cool AirPods Cases are on is here to help you find your protective case. In our point of view a funny 3D AirPods Case, would be the perfect drop protection! Because our thick and durable silicone cases are both cool and shockproof. In fact, our bumper silicone cases will wrap your Apple gadget with a thick extra layer of protection to prevent scratching and drops. Keep your earbuds safe thanks to Perfectly adapted to the shape of your AirPods charging case, our cover will never come off even in case of a serious fall.  

Choose a stylish AirPods Case!

You love taking pictures. That's good, we have designed for you the coolest Camera AirPods Cases. Easy to put on and take off, all these protective cover have a spot to hook a key ring, a keychain or lanyard. In addition, a cutout is available on the bottom of each case for easy access to the charging port. So you won't need to remove the thick or soft silicone case every time you want to juice up your earbuds. 

Adds a touch of fun with our Fashion AirPods cases.

Adopt a sleek AirPods case cover to suit your personality! All the protections in this category include a carabiner, a loop charm or even a necklace to easily grip and carry your charging case wherever you go. Don't wait any longer and discover our Fashion AirPods Case collection. 

A floral protector for your AirPods. 

Nature lovers will find their happiness in our Floral AirPods Case collection. Thanks to the thick, impact-resistant silicone, your charging case will be free of scratches and scrapes caused by daily drops and shocks. Keep your pods safe thanks to our 3D case which allows a better grip and thus limits slips and falls. All the case have a hook on the side and some of them come with a key ring loop, a carabiner or a key chain. 

Add a bit of fun thanks to our AirPods Case covers. 

Do you love making jokes? That's good we have the Funniest AirPods Case to coat your Apple charging case. These cases will protect your pair of earbuds from falls and dust thanks to the impact-resistant silicone. In addition, there is a perfectly cut hole on the bottom of each cover case that gives you access to the charging port of your AirPods Case. 

The Vintage touch your AirPods needed.

A retro and old-fashioned look is trendy, it's not a scoop. So, choose one of our Retro AirPods Cases. You will find strong and durable silicone cases that take the shape of old objects. The optimal 360° silicone protection will protect your precious earbuds from shocks, dust and external pollution. The vast majority of these cases feature a spotlight to hang a carabiner, key ring or lobster claw clasp to hook your case on your belt, bag or pants for safe transportation. The cases are also designed with a cut hole to allow you to easily access the charging port. 

Sport AirPods Case

Sports fan? We have everything you are looking for in our Sport AirPods Case collection. These 3D cases made with a premium quality silicone are specially designed to withstand all the impacts of everyday life. Indeed, the dust and shock proof silicone will absorb the bumps from each fall. Your AirPods will be perfectly protected from external aggressions and will not take the risk of being scratched or broken. These cases are resistant but also convenient to carry thanks to the hook on the side that allows you to attach a carabiner or even a lanyard. Power up your charging case without removing our Sport AirPods Case thanks to the specially designed access to the charging port.  

Aesthetic AirPods cases are available in our only store.

Our store offers more than 300 references of AirPod cases, there is something for every taste. You want to keep the visual aspect of your Apple case, we offer you transparent cases with a silicone inner lining to protect your wireless earphones from grime, moisture and bumps. Transparent cases in Hard plastic or cases with metallic or glitter effect you will find the perfect shock resistant case to suit your taste. With more traditional and sober tastes turn to our lightweight leather cases. Protection Status