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Food Themed AirPods Case

If you are looking for something dashing and cute, we have what you need in our 3D AirPods Case collection. Here you will find original reinforced silicone cases to protect your charging case from daily damages like drops and scuffs. Never damage your precious AirPods again thanks to and our sturdy shells compatible with Apple Airpods 2 & AirPods 1. All our cases have a slot on the bottom to provide easy access to the charging port. No need to take off the case to recharge your AirPods. In addition, if you have second generation AirPods, the thick silicone does not let you see the LED light on the front of your charging case.

Cute Food AirPods Case

As cute as it is protective, you will succumb to the beauty and solidity of our cases. Made of solid silicone, your charging case will not be harmed by falls or scratches. Come and discover our Cute AirPods Case collection. Accompanied by a lanyard, a ring holder or a clip carabiner you will be able to carry your AirPods safely everywhere with you. 

Kawaii Fruit AirPods Case

Avocado or pineapple? You will find in our Fruit AirPods Case collection soft silicone cases to protect your precious AirPods from everyday accidents. Shock and scratch resistant, your charging case will be safe and secure. Some of our case cover come with a detachable keychain for a better grip, thus limiting falls due to the daily use of your Apple earphones.

Vegetable AirPods Case

Your AirPods will be safe in our shockproof and dustproof cases. Made of reinforced silicone material our cases will absorb all shocks and bumps. Don't wait any longer and treat yourself with a great Vegetable AirPods Case.

Fast Food AirPods Case

Choose a protective case that takes the shape of your favorite junk food. Chicken nugget, fries, or burger we have it all! Don't wait any longer and add these original extra cases to your wish list. Come and see our Fast Food AirPods Case collection.

Drink AirPods Case

These protective covers will never let you down. Made of strong and durable silicone material, our shockproof cases are the ideal fall and scratch protection for your AirPods. Come and discover our Drink AirPods Case collection 

Other themed AirPods cases : 

Looking for a case that is a little more discreet and aesthetic? We have everything you need on From clear cases to high quality leather cases, you will find the product you are looking for on our online store. Protection Status