Boobs Airpod Case

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  • All the sensuality of a woman's chest in an AirPods case.

    Symbol of femininity, fecundity and freedom. Small and pointed or round and heavy; maternal or sensual, they have fascinated the art history for millennia. The female breast has attracted many artistic styles.

    The Symbol of the breastfeeding virgin or fatal seduction weapon, the breast has been the subject of much debate. So, it's only natural that we've also decided to honor feminine nipples and areolas with our Boob AirPods Case.

    Looking for another artistic style to protect your pods? I invite you to visit our Art AirPods Case collection: we offer painting styles varying from renaissance to impressionism. the best store to protect your charging case.

    • Reinforced Silicone: Molded in high-quality silicone
    • Minimalist Boobs design with a handmade finish
    • Compatible with wireless and wired charging
    • Surpasses standard military drop tests (MIL-STD 810 G)
    • Supplied with a great spirit of creativity
      • Highly resistant against shocks, scratches, moisture and dust
      • Ergonomic: Precise cutting at the charging port
      • Compatible with 1st & 2nd gen Apple Case
      • Free shipping worldwide