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Boba AirPod 1/2 Cases & AirPods Pro Cases

Fan of this Taiwanese drink? Take your gong cha everywhere with you by wrapping your charging case with a protective silicone layer in the shape of a bubble tea. Made of durable and reinforced silicone, your charging 1/2 case & your AirPods Pro Case will not be scratched, scuffed, or scraped on its surface.

BOBA AirPods covers, the ultimate protection against falls and shocks.

The thin or thick protective layer, cute or super realistic you will find in this collection of Boba-themed AirPods the most Kawaii and protective cases ever designed. For first or second-generation or for AirPods Pro you will find the perfect protection for your AirPods Case. Looking for a case in the shape of a butterfly? Come take a look at our Butterfly AirPods Cases collection.

Your AirPods case is available worldwide.

Whether you are in the United Kingdom, the United States, or Australia you will receive your BOBA case in your mailbox.  Indeed, Airpod-Case.com delivers these protective hulls anywhere in the world!