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Ocean Themed Airpod Cases

Ocean Themed Airpod Cases

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You like to spend your weekends by the seaside and contemplating the ocean's infinite vastness. If you own Generation 1 or Generation 2 AirPods, you'll love our selection of ocean-themed AirPods Case

Apple earphones are true high-tech gadgets, the sound quality is great and the design is flawless. But considering their price, AirPods are also a real investment that you must protect. The slippery texture of Apple charging cases makes them easy to drop, and scratches are quickly visible. So, it's important to protect yours by covering it with an extra protective layer. And if you're on this page, you're definitely a true ocean lover, so you'll love our protective cases selection.

Let's discover our best cases! 

AirPods Case

1 - Seashell AirPods Case

Seashell AirPods Case

 It is the perfect seashell to protect your AirPods from daily impacts. The fall-proof and scratch-proof silicone will keep your wireless earbuds safe from all dangers. This rugged case comes with a detachable ring holder for a more secure and comfortable grip. A slot has been cut to make it easy to refill your Apple case. 

2 - Octopus AirPods Case

Octopus AirPods Case

Four little legs and a nice hat, this 3d silicone case taking the shape of an octopus is super cute. Although cute, this grip case is a super protector against falls, dust and scratches. A spot has been designed on the side to attach a key ring, lanyard or carabiner clip to let you take your music with you wherever you go.

3 - Whale AirPods Case

Whale AirPods Case

Your Apple Charging Case will never slip through your hands ever again thanks to the non-slip texture of this case and its finger ring. This dual-layer will keep your charging case safe from falls and fingerprint. So don't wait any longer and embrace the power of the oceans with this silicone case cover. 

4 - Shark AirPods Case

Shark AirPods Case

Promise this shark will never bite your fingers, but it will protect your Apple earphones from shocks and dust with its full cover. The location on the side will allow you to easily hook a carabiner to hang it on your jeans or bag. 

5 - Great Wave AirPods Case

Great Wave AirPods Case

Sober and aesthetic, this cover case will coat your charging case with a protective pouch made of hard plastic to protect them from everyday shocks. This sturdy case is compatible with first and second generation AirPods and supports wireless charging.

6 - Whale AirPods Pro Case

Whale AirPods Case

This case is compatible with the third generation AirPods, i.e. the AirPods Pro. This original case has been designed in a reinforced silicone to withstand drops and falls. We appreciate the decorative touch of the small pendant in the shape of a whale tail.

7 - Killer Shark AirPods Pro Case

Killer Shark AirPods Case

Have fun opening and closing the lid of your charging AirPods Pro case and give the impression that this killer shark is attacking you. Although very entertaining this durable case is also a very good protector and will keep your Apple earbuds as good as brand new.   

8 - Great Wave of Kanagawa AirPods Case

Great Wave off Kanagawa

Perhaps the best protective casing is a clear case. Keep the sleek design of your Apple case by protecting it from bumps and stains with a transparent case. Your Bluetooth wireless earphones won't fall out of place this resistant TPU case. The slot feature on the case provides easy access to the charging port. In addition, this protection is compatible with wireless charging for your second generation AirPods. 

9 - Holographic AirPods Case

Holographic AirPods Case

This hard-shell reminds us nacre (mother-of-pearl), the smooth lining of mollusc shells such as oysters, abalones and mussels. This aesthetic case had to be in our selection. Made of hard plastic it will be the perfect shockproof and drop protection. This case comes with a beautiful lobster claw keychain to allow you to carry your music everywhere with you. You will love the beauty of the white scallop and its pearl.

The Best AirPods Case Covers are on Airpod-Case.com

You protect your iPhone and iPad with an extra layer such as a phone case, so that everyday shocks don't damage them, you even add a screen protector to protect it from cracking. Your AirPods deserve the same level of care! Airpod-Case.com is the online site dedicated to the protection of your precious AirPods, you will find on our website the perfect case to protect your Apple charging case from everyday harm. Leather case, glitter case or artistic case, there is something for every taste. 

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