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Best Indie Airpod Cases

Best Indie Airpod Cases

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Are you aware of the new trend? The Indie Girl trend? But what is an Indie Girl? What to buy an Indie Girl? An AirPods Case that fits her style of course. 

E-girl, VSCO girl, baddie girl and now Indie girl. There's something to lose your head on TikTok, and you don't know what is what anymore. Fortunately Airpod-Case.com is there to put some order in all this mess.

The Indie Girls are above all strong and independent women. Their clothing style reflects their unique musical and cinematographic taste. Are you in this state of mind or do you know an Indie Girl? It's time to discover a little more.

In this article we will explain in detail:

  • What is an Indie Girl ?
  • What is the ideal AirPods case for an Indie Girl?


What is an indie girl ? 

It is impossible to give you an exact definition of an Indie girl. But let's start at the beginning Indie is a diminutive for independent. An Indie Girl is therefore a strong and independent woman who never follows trends. She speaks her mind and doesn't care what others think. She likes to paint, she goes to paint, she likes to play the guitar, she will play it, she does what make her happy. Independent and strong an Indie Girl will always defend her beliefs. You will have understood that being an Indie Girl is above all a state of mind rather than a fashion phenomenon.

But in a general way an Indie Girl is an old soul with an artistic heart. Endowed with a counter-cultural spirit, she will naturally turn to independent music and films and will always stay as far away from the mainstream as possible. But as said above it is a state of mind and not a fashion phenomenon, therefore an Indie Girl will never reject a girl who doesn't admit the same tastes as her whether it is music or clothing. Do you want to be an Indie Girl? Be happy to be yourself and find your passion.

Indie lifestyleWhat to buy an indie girl ?

An Indie Girl loves music and everything vintage. So she probably owns a vinyl player. The idea would be to offer her a vinyl record of her unknown favorite band. She will appreciate this delicate attention.

But a vinyl record can only be listened at home... And an Indie Girl spends all her time listening to her music, be it rock, rap or folk, wherever it is. Have you noticed that she never goes out without her AirPods ? For a gift that accompanies her every day, give her an AirPod case that looks just like her! To help you choose, here is our selection of the 10 best case covers for an Indie Girl

1- Van Gogh AirPods 

Van Gogh AirPods Case Indie

The misunderstood and unpopular artist of his time, Vincent Ven Gogh. Misunderstood from the school of fine arts and precursor of modern art, Vincent Van Gogh is probably the favorite painting artist of the Indie Girls. This protection for an Apple charging case would therefore be perfect for any Indie Girl who claims to be passionate about art. 

2- BMO AirPods Case

BMO AirPods Case Indie

If an Indie likes video games, she'll be proud to be a geek. Chances are that the Indie Girl will prefer an independent video game, that is to say a video game created independently from the financial support of a publishing company.  For an geek Indie Girl this cover will be just perfect! 

3- Guitar AirPods Case

Guitar AirPods Case Indie

The Indi Girls are artists at heart and many of them play a musical instrument. If you want to give a gift to an Indi Girl who plays the guitar this silicon AirPods case would be perfect.

4- Polaroid AirPods Case 

Polaroid AirPods case Indie

 Music and painting are not the only ways to express one's creativity. It is possible that an Indi Girl is passionate about photography and her love for the vintinge will let her heart swing for the Polaroid. No doubt this silicone case will be perfect to protect her earphones. 

5- Fluffy AirPods Case

Fluffy AirPods Case Indie

An Indie Girl likes to be original. This soft AirPods case will melt her little heart of pleasure. Nothing more original than a hairy AirPods case.  

6- Great Wave AirPods Case

Great Wave AirPods Case

An Indie Girl loves nature and art. No doubt she will love this Great Wave AirPods case cover which reminds the famous Japanese work. 

7- Vaporwave AirPods Case 

Vaporwave AirPods Case Indie

An Indie Girl has a sharp and critical mind and refuses to follow trends. She is counter-culture like the Vapor wave artistic movement of the year 2000. This Clear Vapor wave Case is the ideal gift for an Indie girl. 

8- Anti-Social AirPods Case

Anti Social

The sharp mind of an Indie Girl knows how to think for herself no need to follow all its sheep on social networks that clutter the mind with stupidity. This case will be the ideal companion for an Indie Girl with a rebellious spirit. 

9- Booty AirPods Case

Booty AirPods Case

The indie girl loves art for its provocation and sensuality. She will be without any doubt crazy about this beautiful clear case.  

10- Minimalist AirPods Case

Minimalist AirPods Case

The indie girl loves art for its provocation and sensuality. She will be without any doraide crazy about this case. 

Whatever your style Airpod-Case.com is there to offer you the case that suits you. 

At Airpod-Case.com we believe that AirPods cases have become the essential fashion accessory to go with your outfit. It's because covers compete with purse that our team of designers have been working night and morning to offer you the best selection of cases.

Baddie, VSCO or Indie, Arpod-Case.com is the reference for protective cases in the USA. Indeed, all our AirPods case covers will fully protect and secure your wireless earphones in all circumstances and with style. In silicone, leather, 3D or transparent, our high-quality covers will protect your case from scratches and scuffs from falls. So don't hesitate any longer and choose now only the best for your AirPods.   







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