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Baddie AirPod Case

Baddie Airpod Cases

by Eliane Sonneville 5 min read

hellWhat gifts to buy for a Baddie boy or Baddie girl? What are the most fashionable accessories for Baddies? How to recognize a Baddie AirPods case? Where to buy Baddie AirPods cases? is the outstanding designer of your AirPods cases. It is because we are always on the lookout for the latest trends that we can offer you the AirPods case that suits you whatever your style. Let's find out more about Baddies AirPods Cases.

Baddies, are the kings and queens of fashion, and they are completely badass. This means that they have to wear accessories accordingly! No need for an expensive tiara, an AirPods case with a sleek look will do the job perfectly.

In this blog you'll find out:

  • What does baddie mean on Instagram?
  • TOP 10 Baddie AirPods cases

What does baddie mean on Instagram?

"Baddie" means "Bad girl"! It's a rebel girl. With a strong character, she doesn't hesitate to go to the confrontation every time she encounters a problem. #Baddie hashtag is a real phenomenon on Instagram, but what exactly does a Baddie look like?

  • Instagram pictures : 

Baddies are beautiful young women with perfect bodies. Perfect? According to Instagram posts, the Baddie has dizzying legs, a breathtaking wasp waist and a generous chest. Adept of contouring, the baddie always has a superb make-up. She loves eyeliner and above all she takes good care of her ultra-pulpy mouth. Actually, a baddie looks just like Kylie Jenner!

baddie make up

  • Kylie Jenner the perfect baddie

๏ปฟThe most popular member of the Kardashian family is the famous Kylie Jenner. Not only the most popular member of the Kardashian family, Kylie is also the most popular bad girl in the world. Every young Instagram bad girl dreams of looking like her.

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Une publication partagรฉe par Kylie ๐Ÿค (@kyliejenner) le


The Best Baddie AirPods Cases

Now that you know a little more about the bad girl movement, it's time to find out what a baddie AirPods case looks like. is the coolest store online for AirPods cases. Our professional designers are up to date with the latest trends, to provide you with the perfect sturdy case that fits your style. Thanks to many hours of work, we can now offer you a wide range of AirPods case covers. Leather cases, clear cases, or silicone cases all the baddies will love them.

You have understood it, is the shop made for you! Our products are not only ultra-trendy, but also ultra-resistant. Indeed, our high-quality cover cases surpass standard military drop tests. So don't wait any longer and treat yourself to the best at

TOP 10 Baddie AirPods cases

What's a Baddie AirPods case? Baddies will love provocative or sleek cases. They will therefore prefer very shiny materials such as marble, glitter or diamonds. 

1- Black White AirPods Case

Black and White AirPods Case

A baddie girl likes everything that shines. White marble, black marble, and golden touches this case is just perfect. She will love this grip case as aesthetic as it is protective. Made of hard plastic this protective case will resist to all shocks, bumps and dirt. This case has a hole to allow you to plug in your charging case. Moreover, if you have a second generation AirPods this case is compatible with wireless charging.  

2- Pink Fluffy AirPods Case

Pink Fluffy AirPods Case

Baddies love everything shiny but also everything that is soft to the touch. She'll love this fluffy powder pink shell, the silicone inner lining will protect the case from everyday impacts. Aesthetic baddies like ANNA NYSTRร–M will love this original case.

3- Liquid AirPods Case

Liquid Glitter AirPods Case

Shake your case and watch the glitter dance on your case. This case is the perfect protection for those who wish to keep the sleek design of their Apple charging case. This case is also shockproof and very pleasant to look at. You have the possibility to hang a snap hook, a wrist strap or a keychain on the side to easily take your music everywhere with you.  

4- Pink and Blue Marble AirPods Case 

Pink & Blue Marble AirPods Case

This TPU case will protect your wireless Bluetooth earphones from the impacts of daily use. The sleek mix of pink and blue and the sleek style of this solid case coverwill please any serious Baddies.

5- Perfume AirPods Case

parfume airpods case

This tough case will protect your wireless earphones with style. Thanks to the two spots on the sides the carrying of your case will be much more convenient. You will be able to carry your perfume bottle like a necklace thanks to the chain that comes with the case. Do not take off this hard-case from your charging case to refill it, this case is compatible with the wireless charging of your second-gen AirPods. Moreover, a cut-out hole has been precisely made in the bottom of the case to give you a simple and efficient access to the charging port.

6- Golden AirPods Case

gold airpods case

All baddies love luxury, therefore they love silver, diamonds and above all gold. This case is the perfect fashion accessory for a bad girl that fully assumes herself like ๐‰๐€๐๐ˆ๐‚๐„ ๐‰๐Ž๐Ž๐’๐“๐„๐Œ๐€This gold hard-shell will protect your AirPods from falls as well as from outside dust. 

7- Bling Diamond AirPods Case

Bling Diamond AirPods Case

One thing all bad girls love is diamonds, like the wonderful Lydia Barakat who is one of the most beautiful baddies on Instagram. Carry your AirPods case everywhere with ease thanks to the key ring sold with it. 

8- Lips AirPods Case

Lips AirPods Case

One of the most used emojis by the Baddies is of course the kissing emoji with pulpy lips. That's why we present you this silicone case in our top10. This protective case will bring a complete coverage to your Apple charging case, protecting it from scratches and dirty fingerprints. 

9- Leopard AirPods Case

Leopard AirPods case

All the Baddies will be crazy about this super original case. Who would think that your wireless headphones are hiding in this furry thing? Hang it on your purse without fear of being stolen! Furthermore, this drop protection made of fake fur will protect your AirPods from everyday impacts.  

10- Baddie AirPods Case

Baddie AirPods Case

Baddies cover cases are so popular these days that we decided to create a protective cover that reflects this trend. The Baddies will love the black and white faux fur of this case that will protect your Bluetooth earphones from everyday hazards. 

Adopt the badass look that suits you on

It is often complicated to find a physical or online store that specializes only in AirPods protective cover cases. is there to find you the best cases on the market that match your personality. Looking for more Baddies boxes? Don't panic we offer on our online store many other aesthetic baddie cases. Clear cases or Leather cases you will find your happiness on

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